Safaree Calls ShETHER "Disrespectful"

I'm sure by now you know Onika got flamed by Remy Ma on ShETHER. The fiery diss track has had the internet shook for a minute with several quoteables. Safaree (Nicki's ex-fiance) who was seen vibing to the song while getting his hair cut describes the diss record as "disrespectful"

"It's probably the most disrespectful record I've ever heard in my life" he tells TMZ.

We're all waiting for a response but Safaree doesn't think she has one in her as there's nothing she can say right now to Remy that can hurt her. "What can you even say to Remy? It's really not much." He said.

Safaree knows Nicki better than most and he used to write her bars so if he feels she shouldn't respond then don't hold your breathe for a response. Unless she got new ghostwriters.

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