Ralo Ft. YFN Lucci - The Dopeman

A high-pitched barker with a lyrical perspective as unique as his voice, the well-connected Ralo is Atlanta's next trap star. Boasting clips of high-profile shoutouts from Future and DJ Khaled, Ralo gets down to business on "The Dopeman," his new single. Rhyming over a rich, textural slice of melancholy trap courtesy of Zaytoven, Ralo exhibits great chemistry with fellow rising star YFN Lucci, whose hook and ad-libs perfectly complement Ralo's drawling street witticisms on the verses: "We don't care bout what you say/we don't care bout who you with/they told me that heron kills/I say heron pay the bills!" Premiered by XXL, "The Dopeman" is the latest single and the opening track from Ralo's upcoming "Famerican Gangster 2" project.

"YFN Lucci is a very close friend to me," explains Ralo. "We have one of the best bonds in the world. He started rapping almost a year ahead of me so I kind of followed behind him a bit. He is one of the only rappers that I know in my heart will never hate on me. I'll never slander his name in no way. Lucci came to Patchwerk studio with me one day and said I got a hook I made just for you. He said you gon' love this one. Once he played it I knew it was for me all day. I like to work with producers on the come up because they're hungry and I can really see their art. In my opinion, once people make it to certain level they forget where they came from. Zaytoven is one of the few big producers who's always supported me and never switched up. 2017 will be a great year for me. I will continue to drop more projects: Diary of the Streets 3 will be a classic and I'm always making sure my next project is better than the last."
Ralo Ft. YFN Lucci - The Dopeman Ralo Ft. YFN Lucci - The Dopeman Reviewed by King Nel on 11:33:00 AM Rating: 5
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