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Bad and Boujee, The Real Success Story

Bad and Boujee: the real success story


Bad and Boujee, The Real Success Story

Bad and Boujee, The Real Success Story

“Bad and Boujee” may be the best man – made invention since sliced bread.

“Bad and Boujee” may be the best man – made invention since sliced bread, knocking songs off the billboard charts left, right and center before securing its place as number 1 and going on to be a Platinum selling hit, the first for Migos, Lil Uiz Vert and Metro Boomin.

Prior to Donald Glover using his influence on the stage of the Golden Globes Awards, the success of Bad and Boujee was accelerated by their significant performance in no other than the biggest black nation on planet [email protected]#k&?g earth, Nigeria.

Many felt that the Bad and Boujee’s performance was an eye opener, seeing the Nigerian crowd turnt

up to the song, rapping along word for word in a country they don’t even speak English (Glad that radio presenter was taken care of) it was a sight to behold and surely in this Internet age Bad and Boujee quickly went viral. How they did it is what I unveil. Allow me to break it down further.

Nigerians are naturally quick to react, we derive some pleasure in attacking outsiders who make the mistake of slandering us in public on any platform. That’s the atomic might of 200 million people with at least half of us having access to social media.

Following their groundbreaking performance in Nigeria, Migos were guests at a Radio Show playing out a well written script. The Language shade thrown by the Stuey Rock was a deliberate one, knowing our nature and how we’d react reposting videos of the show and cussing him out on the Internet, playing in the background was Bad and Boujee which was fast gaining momentum as the possible subject of beef between all parties involved.

Nigerians without knowing it created the stepping stone, the platform for Donald Glover to call out Bad and  Boujee on stage at a major award ceremony. A well planned stunt that went right under our noses.

Chief over here at Creative-HipHop doesn’t hide his displeasure at the HipHop culture for not giving Nigeria her due credit. I am particularly sad that HipHop culture in Nigeria is docile and cannot reap some benefits off this development. How do I mean?

“Bad and Boujee” have set the precedent for Nigeria to become the platform for international HipHop arts to appeal to a new fanbase on a massive scale via Live performance. There is opportunity here to cross over borders and appeal to their fanbase, also if we get our arts down here to open or close such performances. Which ever way you want it, the point is there is opportunity and we’re letting it slip right under our noses.

How then does the world acknowledge our art when the little opportunities to expose it are not utilized effectively? It may be a while before Nigeria influences the billboard charts again like it did with Drake’s One Dance and now Bad and Boujee. Actually contrary is the case as Nigerians are ever creative people. As the New Age continues to grow, it’s only a matter of time before we’re knocking songs off the charts ourselves.


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