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We Let Bygones Be Buy Guns?


We Let Bygones Be Buy Guns?

Hip hop needs to move away from the violence.

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Disrespect, the long road that leads from the genesis to extinction of a culture held in the highest esteem as the light of the black mind. The delight of the black man spread across the world all over in the form of music. Jazz, Neosoul, Soul, Funk all of which united into one culture – HipHop, the labours of our heroes past, promises to a generation whose history is eroding right before its eyes.

In ancient times, men froze their stories in time on the surface of rocks. By nighttime these stories became the songs they danced to round the burning fire as they drank and made merry. Songs which became folklore as they were passed on from generation to generation.

The black man struggles with the loss of identity which has fueled the burning desire and strong willpower to preserve what’s left of his heritage, the essence of the HipHop culture.
What then curses a man to fight history, make mockery of his culture and undermine the efforts of his predecessors in preserving the heritage of his people?
The mastermind of this grand scheme has further entangled the black man in a system of
“Let Bygones be Buy Guns”
A system of hatred and unforgiveness which says it is okay to fight a brother AS your struggle to money and fame.

Why must we shame ourselves and slide further away from the liberation of our minds? Does this degeneration of HipHop signify the degeneration of the black man?
No. There is need for the reorientation of the mind. To come to a knowing that HipHop is our identity, our medium of preservation of culture and heritage. We must not allow self inflicted damage of a few unenlightened rob us off our hope. What does the black man want to have a say in? Politics, Economics?

“HipHop is our solid foundation, our voices united as we impact changes in our Legacy”


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