Understanding Artist Exposure And Its Benefits

Knowing your self worth is the foundation to building your net worth. It is a valuable principle of mindset. As you start to create, there's that painstaking climb out of the valley of over self awareness and sometimes self rejection into a level of mastery where a creative no longer questions creation but understands the art and simply creates more. At this stage, adding value in their work to earn recognition.

Some say the competition is fierce out there and many creatives struggle to keep their head above water. It's only naturally that artists/creatives find support in platforms that offer them exposure long enough for them to attract fans or customers or in some cases both of them. Before we're quick to throw shade we must first clear up the air on what good exposure is, and what bad exposure is. Once you understand the basics, you can learn new ways and find better opportunities of getting good exposure and get better at spotting the red flags of bad exposure long before your need detoxification.
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Before you think ebola, exposure in our media context is the fact of being discussed or mentioned on television, in newspapers, etc. Bringing it to our generation's lingo would be blogs or vlogs or something along that line.
Anyway, exposure simply is publicity.

In this Internet age, exposure is getting featured on an online media platform for the art or music that you have created. This likely is the outcome of well executed PR strategy and doesn't happen by chance without some sort of planning. We can say this is a good example of exposure because it attracts you to new fans.

Wrong use of exposure or general bad exposure
An individual or platform offering exposure at an event is actually giving you networking opportunities, not exposure. Not being able to differentiate the two by the individual or platform is actually in this case bad exposure.
We have already established the fact that being mentioned in a media platform is exposure, you may then ask why a platform offering "exposure" in an event is bad exposure since the media might likely be at the event to cover it right?

Well the error is in the approach by these platforms.
Observe for yourself who the media is there to cover at the event. Here is a short list of red flags to look out for.

1. Competition
Most of the time the winners of a competition gets special treatment by the media. Participate in a competition offering exposure only if you have the means to win and not for the exposure alone as the attention to your art diminishes if you don't win. Also don't expect networking to be so smooth in a competition. A typical example is a Beat Battle. Some producers make the mistake of signing up for beat battles with poor instrumentals they know can't get them to the top but hopefully someone remembers their name and checks out their music.

2. Attention
Be wary of individuals and platforms offering exposure at events where your creative art is not a highlight of that event for the media to cover. Use events like this for networking.

3. Pay To Participate
While I may not be in total support of paying for exposure on media outlets especially at the beginning of an artists/creatives career, there are few exceptions I hold to that. Some platforms offer quality services that are worth paying for like distributing your album press release to the top music websites. The problem with relying on this is you're forced to use it over and over again since you didn't take the time to do the PR yourself. Learning the ropes about PR gives you an upper hand as it allows you to build lasting relationships with people in your field. A PR agency should be brought in when the artist's fanbase has shown considerable growth.

Understand more about exposure and how it can be of benefit to you if it comes from the right source (The Media) I encourage you to put these ideas to practice within your creative field as you discover more ways to gain exposure.


Thanks for reading, share your thoughts in the comments box below.
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