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Hip-Hop Is Truth

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Hip-Hop Is Truth

The truth about hip hop.

If you think 2016 gave the world a run for its money, check out the list of earthlings just waiting to see 2017 become a disaster. The team at Creative-HipHop might not be on that list but we certainly are top of the list of bringing you exclusive HipHop analysis, information and updates. And with that we wish you a Happy New Year and welcome you the reader into the year 2017.

As we begin to make ourselves better people than we were the previous year, let us equate our lives to the culture and begin to make the culture a mirror of our lives. In any way we contribute to the growth of the community we must begin to see HipHop as a platform for truth and originality.

There is no mainstream or underground truth. Try as much to hide truth and profit of its distortion, it eventually catches up with you. As many that recite history like a daily prayer but fail to learn from it, the legends rise because of the truth they speak, dead or alive.

Eminem’s HipHop was his truth, Nas, Biggie, 2pac, Kendrick, J. Cole and so on, those you can look at and see HipHop as a reflection of their lives. In an era where truth is easily manipulated, we look forward to the culture legends of 2017.

Happy New Year.

Here’s a playlist of my favourite 2016 HipHop songs off 12 Albums for your listening pleasure.

1. Boogey – (in cognito) – Devil Beans
2. School Boy Q – (Blank Face) – John Muir
3. Logic – (Bobby Tarantino) – Flexicution
4. Lance Skiiiwater – (introverted intuition) – Toaster
5. Skepta – (Konnichiwa) – Shutdown
6. YG – (Still Brazy) – Twist my Fingaz
7. Isaiah Rashad – (The Sun’s Tirade) – Slikk Da Shocka
8. Kendrick Lamar – (Untitled & Unmastered) – Untitled 8
9. Vic Spencer & Chris Crack – (Who the fuck is Chris Spencer) – Ice Cubes
10. J. Cole – (For your eyes only) – Neighbours
11. Vic Spencer – (St. Gregory) – Kush Petals
12. Noname – (Telefone) – All I need


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