10 Hottest Tracks Of 2016

2016 has been a roller coaster of a year for many reasons, but musically it’s been one of the best. Albums from Kanye West, Schoolboy Q, A Tribe Called Quest and tapes from Kendrick, Thug and Future have set the bar for 2017 very high. So here at Creative Hip-Hop we’ve narrowed it down to our 10 favourite tracks of the year:

What a year it has been for both artists. Anderson. Paak swept us off our feet with Malibu, whilst Kaytranada's ever-impressive production skills once again left us in awe. With both of these artists combining together during arguably their hottest year yet, it's no surprise that they claim a spot on our list. 

Kanye has had another roller coaster of a year when he finally released his latest album, The Life Of Pablo and after months/years of torment it was not one to disappoint. It may not be his best album to date but with the creativity of tracks like "Real Friends" it shows us why he is still on top of his game.

Pusha will always be one of the greatest Hip-Hop lyricists we've ever come across and to get another legend to jump on his track made sure that this was one not to be slept on. The distorted beat compliments their flows well as they execute bars in a way that not many have ever been able to master.

French Montana was another artist who has had a hugely successful 2016, and here we see him at his best combining with two legends of the game.

With arguably the best comeback of the year, A Tribe Called Quest flew straight back into our hearts with an instant classic as well as a final goodbye to the recently departed Phife Dawg. "Dis Generation" managed to feature all the legends who made ATCQ one of the greatest groups to have ever graced us with their mic skills, and this album as a whole stands out well above the rest.

DJ Khaled became the king of social media in 2016 and you couldn't turn on your phone without hearing the words "major key" being uttered. It was therefore only right that when his album drops the song with that famous catchphrase featured the best of the best over such a powerful and raw beat.

Future still remains one of the hottest artists in Hip-Hop and this track in particular was not only in typical, hard-hitting fashion but reflected on so much more. Not only was it a commercial success but it showed us a new, methodical side of Future who can rap about much more than his wealth.

It wouldn't be right having a top 10 list in 2016 without it containing at least one Drake track and this one clearly takes the crown. Not only did it reign supreme on the charts, it was also one of his best selling tracks of all time, which takes a lot of doing if you look back at his catalog of hits.

Perhaps the most famous hit this year seemingly came out of nowhere. Who would have thought a track where no one can understand the words and by an 18 year-old unheard of artists would take over the charts? Despite the conflicted opinions no one can knock it's success and it'll be exciting to see just how he'll be able to top it.

Who would have guessed that Fat Joe and Remy Ma would come back with one of the biggest hits of their careers this year? The bass-heavy track is typical of both artists who managed to prove everyone that they've still got what it takes to compete with the best, and when Jay Z wants to jump on the remix then you know it's got the right seal of approval.
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