Wale - Groundhog Day (J. Cole Response)

According to the internet J. Cole dissed Kanye West and Wale on False Prophets, One of the tracks he previewed on his new documentary "Eyez" Watch it here if you haven't.

On the song Cole raps “I got a homie, he a rapper and he wanna win bad
He want the fame, the acclaim, the respect that's been had
By all the legends, so every time I see him, he stressin'
Talkin' 'bout, niggas don't fuck with him, the shit is depressin'
And I know he so bitter he can't see his own blessings
Goddamn, nigga, you too blind to see you got fans, nigga
And a platform to make a classic rap song
To change a nigga's life, but you too anxious living’ life, Always worried ‘bout the critics who ain’t ever fuckin’ did it."

Wale wasn't directly mentioned but if the shoe fits then wear it. The MMG/Nigerian rapper wastes no time in responding to Cole. It's not a diss track but a response like I stated earlier. If you were expecting a diss sorry. Maybe next time.

Listen to "Groundhog Day" produced by Jake One below.

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