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The Arsenal Of Singles

The Arsenal Of Singles

Why You Should Stop Downloading Singles

Why You Should Stop Downloading Singles.

As much as I might like it to be, this discussion is relationship advice unrelated as I am perhaps not the right person to give opinions on that subject. Now that that is out of the way, let’s talk music and why I stopped downloading singles a long time ago.

For good reasons actually. You see I love music and simply cannot get enough of it. Music keeps me going and for a long time I updated my playlists at the end of the month with the latest song releases by my favourite artists. This was the routine for years and I have noted down trends I would like to share.In my opinion, a single is like a peep in the cookie jar of what would later become an album/mixtape. A single or couple of singles creates buzz for an upcoming project and gives insight into what to expect from such project and most likely becomes the hit-single along with other exclusives when the album/mixtape does eventually come out.

At the time I was a HipHop Head who liked his playlists “up-to-date”, and having downloaded rap singles which would of course later feature in the Artists’ upcoming project (if there’s any) and a more recent trend, feature in a compilation project by the Music Producer, you can see how it’s impossible not to have duplicates of the same song if you do this. I could save myself some space on my device and wait to get the album because really one song isn’t enough. I would very much play an album on repeat than I would for a single song. It’s like a slice of pizza. HipHop heads want the whole box, the total package.

There is yet another line of thought where artists store up in what I like to call The Arsenal of Singles. This is just my simple collective noun for a couple of single song releases done overtime.  A hit single might give the artist the much needed buzz to stay relevant in the hopes of an upcoming project (again I repeat, if there’s any). However, an artist who relys too long on this strategy grows lazy and releases Music when there is need for a now trending song without making concrete plans for future projects but has an Arsenal of Singles to make reference to. It helps to stay relevant, but it is a dim attempt I must insist. Times have changed since the Internet revolutionised the distribution of Music. There was a time hit singles came directly off the albums, these days the singles lead into the albums or a little bit of both. Whatever strategy an Artist opts for would depend hugely on demographic information, knowing your fans and knowing which is better, a slice or a box of pizza.


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