J. Cole Releases "Eeyz" Documentary

Just in case you were still having doubts about the new Jermaine album set to drop next week. The Dreamville rapper has just liberated a new 40-minutes long documentary called Eyez in which he discusses some of the album's recording process. He also previews a few tracks off the upcoming project.

In one of the tracks he previewed you'll hear this "Maybe it’s my fault for idolizing niggas based off the words they be rapping / When come to find out these niggas don’t even write their shit / Hear some new style bubbling up, then they bite that shit.”

4 Your Eyez Only is scheduled to drop next week Friday (December 9). There's already a pre-order link available here.

Watch the documentary in full below. The good guys at TIDAl has made the footage available for everybody (you don't need to be a TIDAL subscriber)

J. Cole Releases "Eeyz" Documentary J. Cole Releases "Eeyz" Documentary Reviewed by CHH on 10:20:00 AM Rating: 5
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