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The 8-Step Album Release Checklist


The 8-Step Album Release Checklist

                      How to release an album independently

How to release an album independently and be heard.

The month of December has seen notable album releases by some of the biggest names in the Music Industry. Artists like Childish Gambino, J. COLE, Ab-Soul, Drake and many more to come have released or are set to release their respective bodies of work before the end of the year.

Like the faithful waiting for answered prayers, all eyes are on these Artists in anticipation of their lyrical blessings. I do suggest, unless you’re an upcoming with a grand following of your own, joining the December album race isn’t be such a good idea.

Let’s study the trends set by the album releases of this month, the biggest and most talked about yet being J. COLE’s “For Your Eyes Only”. We saw the Eyes Documentary prior to the release of J. COLE’s album. What makes every step towards the release such a big deal? What gets everyone talking about your album? What makes releasing the tracklist a week before a major news item? What begins the countdown to the release date? In this Article I’m giving you The 8-Step Album Release Checklist. Follow these set of step-by-step guidelines for a successful album release campaign. So let’s get to it already.

1. Pick a release date
Once you have the official release date work backwards in preparation for your album.

2. Prepare for online sales
It takes time to get the physical and digital copies of your album into the stores. You’d want to make sales online while you’re busy promoting your album. Make provision for your fans to preorder your album on your website and you’ll be making sales before the release date.

3. Prepare audio for promotional purposes
Make Mp3s from your mastered wav files and tag them appropriately. Make sure the titles, track numbers, artists name, year of release are rightly placed.

4.  Plan your Cd release show, listening party and/or tour dates
A live show is a good way to get the press and your fans talking. But if playing live isn’t your thing, throw an album listening party. Also, a tour is an excellent way to select targeted areas where your fans base to promote your music.

5. Get your Merchandise and your promotional materials ready

If you’re not opposed to the idea of making a few bucks and promoting your album at the same time, create merchandise to sell (such as T-shirts, wristbands, collectibles) along with your album. Make sure to get your album fliers printed and distributed as a way to advertise your album and create publicity.

6. Plan and prepare your publicity campaign
This step is your overall strategy and should start with you being creative with your publicity. Have fun promoting your album, create buzz through videos, contests and stay up to date with what people are saying about your album. Send press releases to the media outlets to let them know about your album.

7. Start your publicity campaign – Your Network
It is important to involve your network of fans in the  running of your publicity campaign. Get them involved in your creative process by updating them regularly. Give them tasks to do and ask them for their help. It builds a sense of belonging and they in turn will reward you by being your word of mouth. Feature your album on your website, update your online presence and write your mailing list news about your upcoming album.

8. Start your publicity campaign –  Involving The Outside World
Make a list of media outlets to send copies of your album to for early reviews. Have these Websites, blogs and other outlets listen to your album before the official release date to generate buzz.

9. I know I said 8 but this is the most important of them all. Release your album. You’ve put in the effort and it’s time to put your music out there for the world to hear. 

Go on out and enjoy your success.
In conclusion, all you’ve read in this article is in summary.

Further information in detail can be found on IndieGuide.com


Research credit: IndieGuide.com
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