Hip Hop Acts Give Us Their Favorite Albums & Singles Of 2016

2016 has been a damn good year for hip hop. This year saw project releases from the likes of Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Meek Mill, Kid Cudi, Joe Budden, J. Cole, Ab-Soul, Kevin Gates, Solange, Beyonce and pretty much any other big name artist you can think of. It wasn't short on controversies either - kanye let Taylor swift know how he felt on "Famous," and matched it with an even crazier Video, Joe Budden and Drake had that sad excuse for a beef, The Game and Meek Mill went at each other over some pointless situation,  The shooting at Irving Plaza involving Troy Ave, Kid Cudi checking into rehab for depression and suicidal urges, Kanye West's alleged fall out with Jay Z and most recently Drake getting cozy with a 50-year old cougar... I mean J.Lo.

Thankfully the year wasn't all gloom and chaos... A Tribe Called Quest came together for one final album (We Got It From Here... Thank You For Your Service), The Lox signed with Jay Z's Roc Nation and released their first album in 16 years, Gucci Mane got engaged to Keyshia Kaoir and Run The Jewls gave us a surprise for Christmas in the form of RTJ3. The drama and excitement of our beautiful twisted world called hip hop never ends which is why we're already looking forward to 2017.

With just hours left before the closure on another groundbreaking year in our culture. Editors, blogs, radios and fans alike are doing a wrap-up or summary of the 'Top Ten' anything to happen this year. We also have our hottest track picks compiled by the CHH team based on radio plays and impact (soon come). With so much album and singles to choose from, we reached out to a few rappers to find out what records/projects they fucked with the most this year - outside being hip hop artists, DJs and producers, they are also fans of hip hop, regardless of the friendly competition between them.

We wanted to flip the script and ask what song they hated the most but we'll save that for next year. 

We asked Mistah F.A.B, DJ EFN, E.L. and other hip hop acts to give us their favorite tracks or albums of 2016. They all had some weird interesting choices. 

Joe Young

Joe wanted us to make it clear he didn't like any album too much this year but after a little pressure he finally caved in. He mentions The Lox's "Filthy America... It's Beautiful" and Dame Grease's "Life On Lenox remastered" as the two projects he rocked with.

"I Didnt like any Album to much this year/The Lox Filthy Ameria And Dame grease life on lenox remastered And my Own shit." 

Mark Battles: 

Album: J. Cole - "4 Your Eyez Only" 
Single: Rae Sremmurd - Black Beatles 

"Great song great video concept. Imma hip hop purest but I'm also a fan of creativity"


"Besides mine lol I'll go with Travis - Birds in the Trap sing Mcknight or Chance - Coloring Book... Song of the year Migos - Bad and Boujee"


Favorite Album: Elzhi - Lead Poison" 
Favorite Song: Noname Ft. Raury - Diddy Bop

"Album is "Lead Poison" by Elzhi. Song is "Diddy Bop" by Noname feat. Raury, off her "Telefone" album."

"Love the imagery and concept of Lead Poison. Partly inspired me to make my Incognito Mixtape. As for Diddy Bop, a new kind of vibe I don't think I had felt before. Perfect blend of soft and hard"

Mistah F.A.B.

Kamaiyah - How Does It Feel


"I really fucked with Isaiah Rashad's "The Sun's Tirade" a lot, then slightly after that I enjoyed Soulo's "Do What Thou Wilt", fuck, TDE took over for me album wise, cause 3rd I really enjoyed Blank Face...and singles I love Priddy Ugly and Youngsta's "Come To My Kasi"...song and video are all on point..."

Riff Raff

Jodyhighroller wasn't really in the mood to talk as he was preparing to debut the trailer for his movie Peach Panther so we sort of caught him at a bad time. He still managed to tell us his favorite album and in typical Riff Raff fashion he mentions "Peach Panther" and "Balloween" as his favorites. Just in case you didn't know, both projects belong to him. 

Trick Trick

"Dr. Dre Compton was my favorite album this year, Everybody else sound like a bunch of copycats"


The Drinkchamps co-host is so much fun to talk to. You can easily tell why the podcast is winning. 

"Damn that's tough there's a few but I'd go with Tribe 'We The People' but a couple J. Cole joints are up there too but Album is Life Of Pablo/ Not a fan of his antics but a fan of his music. I'd have to explain more in depth but yeah that's my favorite album this year."


"Favorite album was Anti by Rihanna, favorite single is 24k Magic!" 

The Mith

"Keko - Strides. Dope Production. She showed her versatility as an artist. And there's not a Femcee on the continent as nice as she is. Also, Navio's 'The Chosen.' He decided to simply rap. No big single behind the project, just pure rapping on some of the best production out there."

"E.L - B.A.R III. There's no one out West who balances the commercial with the hardcore, like E.L. this project is proof of that."

"Joe Budden - Rage. When he's not fucking around, and is focused on music, No One is better than Mouse. Real Shit."


Apollo Brown & Skyzoo - The Easy Truth

This post was inspired by HNHH's 18 Artists Reveal Their Favorite Album Of 2016, Go check it out. 

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