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EXCLUSIVE – 60 East Interview

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EXCLUSIVE – 60 East Interview


Cali rapper, 60 East has really been making a name for himself these past few years in a state where even some of the best have really struggled to make themselves known. With a roster of hits under his belt from Motivation to recent tracks The Origin and Enemies 2 Friends it’s become abundantly clear that he has an ever loyal fan base which is continuing to grow by the day.
In the lead up to his highly anticipated tape, ‘The Freeway Series Pt. 2’ we spoke with 60 to see what we can expect from his new music and see what makes his story so unique:

How did you get started as an artist?
I first started as a B-Boy. One of my older cousins came to my house one day and started breakdancing, I was immediately fascinated by the craft and culture. From there Hip Hop was in my house at all times. My brother who was not a good dancer, became a DJ and would DJ while we breakdance. That would eventually evolve into my brother becoming a DJ/Producer and us becoming Rappers/Artist.  From there I never looked back.

Who are your main influences?
Rakim is my all time favorite. But early on I was really into that fast,lyrical, East Coast sound. My early idols were Pharoahe Monch, Canibus and Big Pun, especially since he was Latino. After that I got an ear for creativity so I began to love artist like Eminem, Atmosphere and Murs. 

What can we expect from this upcoming record?
Well I started a “mixtape” series a few projects back with The Freeway Series Vol.1 and wanted to continue on with the Volume 2. The theme behind the series is me taking the listener through my life. With this particular series I like to touch on all aspects of my life and I also like to be creative. I use this series as my escape from having to write a “commercial” or catchy song that I worry about the masses listening to. This project/series is me being me.

Any surprises on the upcoming album? 
Yes indeed. Aside from a few features i’m sure nobody would expect, I got a few songs with videos, and also a few songs I feel a lot of people are going to like. 

How would you describe your style?
I am definitely a very personal, wear my heart on my sleeve kind of Artist. I like to share everything with my audience because that is the thing I like about the artist I listen to. The fact that someone can make me feel like I know them before I even meet them is great, and I wanted to share that with my listeners. 

What influence has Cali had on your music?
I am Cali, people look at me and can tell you where I am from before I can. But I dont think I have the traditional “Cali sound” in my music. As I said earlier I was heavily influenced by East Coast Hip Hop early on, and that has stayed embedded in my art. I have been told by multiple people that I have a West Coast style with an East Coast flow.

What are your thoughts on this generations Hip-Hop artists?
I think there are a lot of great artist out right now, but I also feel there is a lot of garbage, and the garbage gets promoted better lol. But as someone who is not to outdated from this generation, I do not knock any kind of music, because there is a certain type of music for everybody. My music is not for everybody, and I am ok with that because I know the people that my music is for is probably the people that I will relate to. 

Which others rappers from Cali deserve recognition?
Aside from the obvious candidates like Kendrick and such I would say some of the Artist that have influenced me along the way like Blu, Fashawn, Murs, Locksmith, Crooked I.

Who else are you listening to right now?
As of lately I have been listening to a lot of Jon Connor, that guy is the truth, I am eager to see what he does on his Freshman album at Aftermath.

How will your next project differ from the first?
In a sense it wont, As stated previoiusly this is Part 2 of the series so it will carry on similar characteristics. One thing that will be very different if the production. My first project was produced in its entirety by Omega, who is a West Coast producer. This project was produced in its entirety by Phil The Pain, whos is a East Coast Producer with a very East Coast sound.

What truly sets you apart as an artist?
My honesty, my story.

What’s your creative process when making music?

I like when I can sit with a producer and come up with an idea and come up with everything from scratch. This project I was able to sit with my producer and listen to him dig for samples, and I would find one that sounded right and I would write the song as he produced the beat. We came up with about 30 songs, which we split into 2 projects and dumped a few songs. That is the ideal situation, but with hectic schedules and the convenience of the internet it is very hard to do now.

The Freeway Series Pt 2 will drop in January so make sure to follow him @60Eastfd and check out his website and keep your eyes peeled here for the latest news, releases and reviews.


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