@ByLwansta x @BeatMochini - Your Absolutely Fucking Right EP (The Remixes)

It's not everyday a project gets a full body remix. Veteran South African hip-hop producer Beatmochini Who is credited as the producer of "The Routine" On ByLwansta's Your Absolutely Right EP has decided to give the project a full remix treatment -- adding his own flavor and spin to all the original records on it. According to Beatmochini, the project hits straight to home because he also went through some of the situations described on the EP, which is what influenced his decision to remix the entire thing.

The remix titled Your Absolutely Fucking Right can be streamed in full below.

Here's what Beatmochini had to say concerning the project.

"Following the release of ByLwansta's "Your Absolutely Right" Ep (11 Aug. 2016), despite producing one of the songs on there (The Routine), I also fell in love with the body of work and what its content symbolizes to me. I too went through most of the things the youngin' went through, and thought it would be best to ask to remix the whole EP yet again."

@ByLwansta x @BeatMochini - Your Absolutely Fucking Right EP (The Remixes) @ByLwansta x @BeatMochini - Your Absolutely Fucking Right EP (The Remixes) Reviewed by Paperman on 12:41:00 PM Rating: 5
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