Bryan BANDiT - Eight.oh2 (Review)

Bryan BANDiT has been incredibly busy these past few weeks with a variety of singles under his belt as well as releasing his highly anticipated music video for Out Of It and he is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon. The Louisville rapper is now further making a name for himself with his latest album, Eight.oh2.

The album opens with Intro which nods to Wu Tang's famous hit track C.R.E.A.M. before the crashing drums explode into play courtesy of Axel Roley's production skills. The gritty guitar chords and raw, rough vocals set the tone for the album which is filled with hard-hitting beats and eye-popping lyrics.

God Body Flow follows suit with the brash horns crashing in allowing for BANDiT's rich flow to effortlessly spit over. The NSD produced track perfectly matches the Louisville rapper's aggressive style as he calls out those who ever dared to doubt him, which is also shown in Out Of It which follows.

This is the first time we are treated to a beat from long-time producer and friend of Bryan's, Grade A. His finger prints are all over this album as he contributes to five out of the total 12 tracks. One that stands out above the rest however is the Hunger [Interlude] which opens with the famous Tupac interview. BANDiT pays his respects in the track under the clapping drums as he touches on his political stances against the lies fed to the people from those in power.

This isn't the only time BANDiT is able to flex his lyrical muscles as he smoothly flows over the light synths provided by Tacet on Concussion. What BANDiT has always done well is finding the right beats for his flow. Tracks like Goner and Exhausted showcase this well with Grade A's ever impressive production not overpowering the lyrics and providing Bryan with the freedom to express the messages in each song.

It's great to see progression in up-and-coming artists but BANDiT has always remained consistently on top of his game. From his creatively inspiring music videos to his cunning wordplay it's refreshing to see new artists such as himself find their sound and start making a name for themselves. The only thing left is to keep the album stuck on repeat whilst we all eagerly await just what he will have in store for us next.
Bryan BANDiT - Eight.oh2 (Review) Bryan BANDiT - Eight.oh2 (Review) Reviewed by Anonymous on 9:00:00 PM Rating: 5
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