Beanstock - Live From District 3

It's never easy losing someone close to you but sadly it's something all of us must go through at some point in our life no matter how unfair or unjust. Sadly, Malcolm Harris, aka Carmichael Citykidd from one of our favourite groups, Beanstock passed away and our prayers and thoughts are with his family and friends during this time.

The ever exciting collective have therefore released their latest tape 'Live From District 3' a few days early for fans and as a tribute to Harris.

The tape is as impressive as ever with eye-popping lyrics cutting over the raw beats that have become synonymous with the group. Touching on a range of topics and allowing each involved member to flex their lyrical muscles the tape is nothing short of remarkable and a true testament to their combined talents.

One track which will of course stand out above the rest is 'How 2 Catch A Body' featuring the ever-great Mr Shoosh and Carmichael Citykidd. With both artists making Boston proud they provide a breath of fresh air of the clapping drums and hard-hitting bass line.

You can listen to the tape in full on Soundcloud  Bandcamp and DatPiff and follow @djayspriggs for all the latest news.

RIP Malcolm Harris, aka Carmichael Citykidd. 

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