The Sound Of The Creator

 The Sound of HipHop never gets old nor does it die. It is by our very nature. She has blessed The Creator with the power to morph what always feels like an out of the box moment of creativity, magic, voodoo, luck? Genius is what I'd ascribe to it into Music that goes on to endear itself in the hearts of listeners for generations to come, at the same time revolutionising the game and reinventing itself. If anyone says HipHop is dead, it was in you that time you carried the Boombox on your shoulders and Boombap was your sound. It was there that time the West Coast ruled with the Basslines. It was there the first time you heard Smooth Papa and I know today, that sound still vibes, living in us. 

 The Creator nor anyone else for that matter must not forget there is no end to the creative juice in HipHop, being the Culture that unifies every genre of music. For clarity, The Creator in this Article is every person who makes music passionately all mysticism aside, specifically one who engineers the sound. But Can it be in this era The Creator is experiencing what in a writer's world we'd call Writers' Block? I ask this because today some of us have been made to believe one sound always dominates HipHop at a time, that being what has been made to seem popular at that period and sounds that were popular at one point with the listeners are now left to eat the dust and are decided by people who don't know what vibe means to be no more "appealing" to the listeners' ear. So its either one or the other. I see The Creator who has the power to give us options at the forefront of this monopoly of sound, throwing creativity outside the window to make Music that fits the market description.

 Let's take a moments look at YouTube which is accessible by everyone and is a good source for music to see one example of what I mean amongst others I have. On YouTube, makers of music are today are torn between developing their own sound and making duplicates of what Artists in "Mainstream" HipHop are doing to attract the attention of other Artists who might not be in the mainstream but are looking to by becoming clones of such major artists all to land a placement and fit into the job description of being a "Music Producer". As a person who stays up late at night everyday making music at every moment, creating a YouTube channel and continously uploading "Young Thug Type Beats", "Drake Type Beats" for your audience serves what purpose exactly? It's probably not what you like but you do it because it's trendy. Young Thug who needs a next hit soon doesn't go on to YouTube to search for beats, he calls Metro, Isaac Flame or LondonOnTheTrack and goes to the studio to work with them. Drake has being working with Noah "40" Shebib since his early days and has stuck with him till today. He is famous for the being The Creator of the Drake OVO Sound. So there are artists depending on you to develop your Sound with your unique identity and listeners who create a niche for you where your Music dominates. J Dilla, Short Black Guy and Kaytranada are just few worthy mentions of Creators who have done this.

 Now because there's a lot of competition for this imaginary slot, a lot of uploading of the same type sound makes supply more than demand which forces price down, it's impossible for the music to be unique that they have to be tagged and they sell for cheap. Economics.
Nevertheless, in the midst of the confusion, YouTube and especially SoundCloud is home to Music by Creators who have diversified their sound in HipHop and make Music with the vibes if you know where to look. They don't get the attention and credit they deserve because their sound is not "mainstream". If you need a breath of fresh air, Channels like SteezyAsFuck  upload daily playlists of Music for you to discover there's more to HipHop because The Sound Of The Creator is The Sound of HipHop.


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