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How TO Identify A Culture Vulture

How TO Identify A Culture Vulture

What is a culture vulture and how to identify one.

How TO Identify A Culture Vulture

What is a culture vulture.

Perhaps Mumble Rap isn’t the only foul-smelling bad egg in the HipHop community. Living among us are thorns in the flesh who have been allowed to thrive, taking advantage of the pillar of support the HipHop community may have shown them. I give Earl Sweatshirt credit for the theme of this article when he called Drake a ‘Culture Vulture’.That’s debatable though, yes he rides the waves of other artists. But that’s by the way.

I’ll tell you how to identify a Culture Vulture.

We have, on quite a number of occasions, instructed HipHop devotees who are on their way to stardom not to act in contrary of the beliefs of the culture when they do acquire fame and fortune. Of course many promise not to. On the other hand, we have had to beg many favourites for just a glimpse of the past glory that was once seen in their upcoming years. If in discussion, we talk about a Rapper that fits into both instances, Brethren, we have in our midst a Culture Vulture. It’s that simple. But it does serious damage to the image of the hip-hop community.

The Culture Vulture uses HipHop as a stepping stone to success in the music industry. The Culture Vulture at the career beginning comes out posed as a rapper perhaps with matching talent, earns the trust of a few die-hard fans who accelerate the process and builds a supporting fan base. A Rapper by self declaration who at the height of it deviates out of the HipHop culture to become a pop artist like a sort of re-branding caricature.

The typical excuse is Rap isn’t putting money in their pockets. Even going as far as saying it in their lyrics and on interviews. The effrontery and further slaps on the face of the community and fans who elevated your growth.


People need to get it right that HipHop is an allegiance with Truth. What baffles and outrages me is Culture Vultures remain attached to the Rap title, getting award nominations, claiming they’re the best with no recent HipHop track evidence, no record features of any Rapper upcoming or prominent and no recent body of work dedicated to the community but brags on pedestrian points and instead churns out Pop singles after another. The mindset of a Culture Vulture is not accountable to anyone or so they think, but they are accountable to the fans responsible for their successes. The damage it does is The Culture Vulture enjoys the limelight at the expense of the true HipHop devotee, goes on to breed others to feed on the ever-supporting HipHop community and leaves behind a trail of broken fans. Enough is Enough.

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