Penny Shaw Presents The Captivating Visual For "Questions" | @lilpennyshaw

Earlier this year, Queens recording artist Penny Shaw teamed together with musical heavyweight ContraBAND to orchestrate Shaw's latest body of work, "Ill City Blues". Full of compelling lyricism, Penny later connected with Nimi Hendrix of Secret Society Motion Pictures for the short film sharing the album title.


Today, we present the official debut video from the project and it's for the soul searching single, "Questions". With surreal production illustrated by ContraBAND, Shaw begins the process of seeking out answers to his inability to balance self-doubt. It's a feeling that many of us personally cope with. With the aid of Mike Spits of EQ Films, the pair are able to fully visualize Penny's deep songwriting abilities.

In the video, artistic expressions are used to define Penny's mind. Take the opening scene for example, where we find Shaw entering into an abandoned home full of masked villains. In a sense, the home is symbolic to Penny's mind, while the opposite players serve as confusion, distrust and doubt. From that point, viewers are taken on a visual journey full of adventure ending in a surprise plot twist. "Questions" is a remarkable video and standout song from "Ill City Blues". Watch the video and then scroll down to enjoy the album.


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Penny Shaw Presents The Captivating Visual For "Questions" | @lilpennyshaw Penny Shaw Presents The Captivating Visual For "Questions" | @lilpennyshaw Reviewed by Barry Quigley on 11:04:00 PM Rating: 5
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