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Dealing With Your Mental Health As An Artist.

Dealing With Your Mental Health As An Artist.

Dealing With Your Mental Health As An Artist

Mental Health In Music.

It’s been a tough year psychologically for artists in the community. It has become more apparent that while music has made the creator seem larger than life, they are human just like every one of us who like we do have a lot to deal with outside the music.

Family issues, economy, rent, stuff you deal with daily just on different scales. Finding balance, reflecting on life and focusing on the music at the same time takes a toil on the mind and you find that more than often Artists crack under the pressure and go down with psychological and mental stress disorders. One would expect fans to have first hand knowledge of what goes on in the lives of artists who they so much adore, but in regards to mental health they find out perhaps when it becomes too apparent that seeking help is an option.

The misconception that HipHop is a hardcore genre of music where only the toughest in the game can fit in with lyrics being all about cars, money, women is wrong.  Artists should be encouraged to express the deep issues going on in their lives in their music. It makes them more human, fans and listeners are able to relate more with the music and it gives the Artist an outlet for stress relief. In Tyler, The Creator’s debut mixtape “Bastard” he raps about not knowing his father and going through a depressing phase in his life. That endeared him to the hearts of teens going through the same situation. Imagine Eminem not being able to vent in his music and release all that he was going through at that point of his life, having all that bottled up inside him … The same applies to everyone.

Artists are human just like every one of us, let’s help them through the process, show love, and live for the music. My heart goes out to anyone going through mental stress in the community, I only hope that you find peace.


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