Bryan BANDiT - EXCLUSIVE Interview

If you've been paying attention to the rap game recently you'll know that you've really got to trawl through the mud in order to find a diamond in the rough to restore your faith that great, upcoming artists are still about. One name that we've been following and instantly springs to mind is Louisville based rapper, Bryan BANDiT. With a roster of hits to his name including Finishing Move and Out Of It which showcase his unique, gritty style which are matched with impressive lyrics and an extraordinary eye for detail.There are certainly exciting times ahead as he builds up to his latest album release Eight.oh2

Recently we spoke to the rapper about his journey and what to expect from his upcoming album:

How did you get started as an artist?
- I've actually been a rapper forever really, I recorded my first song when I was in like 5th grade I think and I always played around with it freestyling and stuff in middle school at lunch and shit then around my junior year in high school I had peeped my homie Avery was taking rap serious recording and putting music on the internet so we teamed up and I started too 

Who are your main influences?
- I would definitely say Earl Sweatshirt and early Joey Bada$$ when I first came across their music that shit blew my mind and I knew I wanted to be that caliber of a lyricist 

What can we expect from this upcoming record?
- I don't really know what should be expected of it but I can promise a lot of bars, a lot of grit, and a lot of shit talking and it's all authentic

Any surprises on the album? 
- I mean none that I know of, unless people think I suck or something

How would you describe your style?
- I feel like my music is what you get when you mix grime and trap with complexity and lyricism

What influence has Louisville had on your music?
- I'm a legit product of my environment and I feel like my music represents who I am as a person perfectly and Louisville is what made me who I am, so everything you hear is something I've seen, done, encountered, or picked up on from my surroundings

What are your thoughts on this generations Hip-Hop artists?
- Honestly, I don't really fuck with a lot of the new wave of music I dont feel like having bars matters anymore which is a problem with me but I do appreciate the guys in the game who don't make that same trash ass turn up music that a lot of these artist are making

Which others rappers from Louisville deserve recognition?
- There's a couple people from here that deserve recognition so imma just name two, first my homie/ teammate Avery even though he been slacking he's scary good, and my other homie Mb Cobi he's a real versatile dude he's a hell of a r&b artist but he's just as good at rapping

Who else are you listening to right now?
- I haven't been listening to anything but Lucki lately

How will your next project differ from the first?
 - My next project is actually already done and it's called Geneva and it's a lot less aggressive and violent, it's way more melancholy cause I actually made it before I made Eight.oh2 and I wrote that project at a very dark time in my life.

What truly sets you apart as an artist?
- I think the fact that my music has the elements of trap and street music but also having that real hip hop vibe sound and structure to it is what sets me apart because usually with artist you get one or the other and I come with both. My sound, rapping ability, flow, and voice are unique too. I also think Who I am as a person sets me apart and I mean that with all aspects such as look, demeanor, personality, and all that.

What's your creative process when making music?
- That's a hard ass question cause I don't even know, I write weird as fuck sometimes I write in pieces like I'll write a verse take a break then write the hook take a break then write the last verse, sometimes the beat speaks to me to a point where I can write it all at once though, and then I have times where I write like out loud it's like a freestyle then pick up where I leave off type of thing which is when I feel like I write the best I did that with songs like Finishing Move, and God Body Flow

Eight.oh2 will drop on 11.30.16 and make sure to follow him on Twitter @BryanBANDiT for the latest news.

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