Beanstock - More Things To Do... (Review)

The Beanstock crew are back to remind everyone of their undisputable talents with their latest tape, More Things To Do... As they follow on from their 'Things To Do' mixtape series their most recent effort is one to cement their claim as one of the best upcoming collectives to be jumping on the scene, and it's easy to see just why.

Opening with an exert from the 1995 classic film 'Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead' the track bursts into life with the crashing drums and strings. Featuring Keet Kolbang with his raw lyrics the track sets the tone for the album.

Kolbang is a regular feature throughout the album on all but two of the tracks and it's easy to see why. His powerful flow compliments each thumping beat well also combined with his eye for detail when it comes to lyricism. His talent has been showcased before with his previous impressive track Paul Shaffer.

The album then seamlessly flows into Tsunami with the heavy horns and rattling drums providing the perfect bed for Kolbang who kicks things off by calling out Nas and Jay Z.

This isn't the last time the crew name drop in the tape as Kolbang teams up with Big Trayne and Bruno Trizz for Slap Her, their ruthless Joe Budden diss. This isn't however the trios most impressive track on the tape with Health Problems taking that crown over the bold, horn infused production.

What's always been impressive about Beanstock is their ability to combine slick flows and intricate lyrics with eye-popping beats. Jump showcases this perfectly with the crashing drums and growling bassline perfectly suiting Kolbang and Trizz and allowing Mr Shoosh to let his presence be known with an electrifying verse.

It's clear to see their influences throughout with exerts from Tupac as well as an altered remix of Wiz Khalifa's On My Level on 88 (Hate Us). There are however more subtle influences with nods to the likes of Slaughterhouse and even Wu Tang to an extent.

Throughout the album certain tracks provide a refreshing change of pace with Mr Shoosh's Mentality standing out above the rest. The plucking guitars make way for the horns to underlay the effortless flow reminiscent of the likes of Ghost Face Killah.

As the album draws to an end the pace is once again lowered with the breezy beat of Is You Down.

The whole tape serves as a reminder that the talent of Beanstock is second to none. Each artist brings their own unique style as they continue to push each other to be greater. All that's left to be said it that fans will surely be on the edge of their seats eager to see just what they will come up with next.

Check out the album on AudioMack or download it on Get Right Music and follow @djayspriggs for all the latest Beanstock news.

Beanstock - More Things To Do... (Review) Beanstock - More Things To Do... (Review) Reviewed by Anonymous on 2:39:00 PM Rating: 5
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