Tupac's Bible Can Be Yours For $54K

If you're famous then anything of yours can be sold for a huge price, you just have to know how to work the market. Being dead can act as an added advantage also.

OG Tupac merchandize continues to be hot cake. If you have one you better start looking to cash out. TMZ are reporting that the Bible used by the late rapper during his time in maximum prison has now been put up for sale. The item was placed in the hands of memorabilia company, Moments In Time by a member of Pac's family.

Moments In Time is the same online company that planned on auctioning PAC's handwritten lyrics to Catchin Feelings from his 2002 album, "Better Dayz."

The Bible contains a signature from the late rapper along with his inmate number from the 9 months he spent at Clinton correctional facility in 1995.

If you're a collector or a christian looking to purchase the bible, the starting price is just $54K. 
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