Jay Z Announces "The Kalief Browder Story"

Fresh off his new Television and film partnership deal with The Weinstein Company. Jay Z and Harvey Weinstein held a press conference to announce the first project off the deal -- TIME: The Kalief Browder Story.

The 6-part documentary series is centered around 16 year old Kalief Browder who was wrongly arrested for stealing a backpack. Kalief spent three years at Rikers Island - two of the said years were under solitary. The charges against him was dropped and he was freed before the case went to trial.

Kalief was free but time spent at Rikers haunted him, he committed suicide last year at the young age of 22.

During the press conference, Jay speaks on meeting Kalief before his passing and how he "wanted to give him words of encouragement." He also spoke on the continuous death of blacks in the hands of police in AmeriKKKa.

TIME: The Kalief Browser Story is scheduled to air next year January on SPIKE TV.

Watch the press conference in full below.

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