HipHop In The Basements - The Honorary Beginnings

This is a short and a hopeful inspiring piece and I feel the need to begin by asking you the reader what the driving force behind your passion is?

For every success story in the HipHop community there are plenty other aspiring HipHop artistes looking up to the spotlight and wishing they were in the mainstream.
Only few ever look up to that such as a sources of inspiration. Most look up and get blinded by the glamour that they fail to study the lives of these success figures to know they all have one thing in common, their mindset at the beginning. 

You need to understand that the most successful people today started their careers on a tangible scale and gradually built their success from the ground up.
In HipHop this can be illustrated by the upcoming Artiste who has the zeal for making music and wants to go to any length to do so, most of the time without major financial backing. The best decision to take is the setting up of a personal studio space in his/her home. This is where the art and craft of making music is mastered and the early mixtapes and albums start to come from, generating early buzz for the Artiste. 

Here's a classic example of a setup like this.
Oddfuture at inception called their studio space "The Trap" and this is where TylerTheCreator recorded his debut album "Bastard" and Oddfuture legends like Earl, Domo and the whole crew basically began their careers. 
Regardless of the nonavailability of super standard studio equipment at the time, they believed and proved they could make good music with what they had and it paid off for them.

As simple as it sounds, I find that quite a number of aspiring HipHop artistes find this little step inconsequential. While the success story has his eyes fixed on the price and works towards it day and night making music and gradually building his fan base, the others give excuses for not even starting. I hear things like "I need to make big money before going into music" and I'm instantly weak.
In today's advanced technology era, there are plenty of tools at your disposal for you to begin your journey at a low budget and with the Internet, you can begin marketing and promoting to build your fan base. All it requires is FOCUS and PATIENCE knowing the time will come. That's why you need to know what drives you to know if you're ready for the journey ahead. 

You don't live your dream on the stage, you live your dream when you wake up and get to work.

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