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Danny Brown – Atrocity Exhibition (Review)


Danny Brown – Atrocity Exhibition (Review)

Danny Brown ‘Atrocity Exhibition’ Album Review.

Danny Brown - Atrocity Exhibition (Review)

Danny Brown ‘Atrocity Exhibition’ Review.

What words would you use to describe a lot of Hip-Hop these days? Repetitive? Uninspiring? Unoriginal? Most of the stuff we hear is pretty average with the same drum patterns used when Gucci Mane first came out and took the game by storm. But then you get something new. Something fresh that reminds you that there’s still a lot of amazing music by artists who continue to push the boundaries and bring creative excellence to the masses. Cue Danny Brown.

It’s now been a week since we heard Danny Brown’s fourth studio album, Atrocity Exhibition giving us time to nibble and digest it and see where it stands. Opening with ‘I’m sweating like I’m in a rave’ over some sliding guitars and staggered drums it’s here that Brown sets the tone for the album. It’s classic Danny with references to drugs and sex but this time there’s more reflection on his mental state after battling with depression.

The album is compiled of seemingly off beat drums and EDM infused tracks which would only work on a Danny Brown album. Tracks like Ain’t It Funny convey this with its intricate drum patterns which on the surface sound messy but as you delve in deeper it’s very well thought through.

What may come as a surprise to those who didn’t read anything leading up to the album is that it was mixed by TDE’s own Ali. Known more for his jazzy instrumentals gifted to the likes of Kendrick, Ab-Soul, Schoolboy Q and co. It’s great to see just how many arrows he has in his quiver. 

All three artists in fact feature on the album with Kendrick, Ab-Soul and none other than Earl Sweatshirt on the lyrical monster of a track, Really DoeThis track is matched by the first single from the album, When It Rain with it’s sharp synths and growling bass line as well as the expert soul and jazz sampling used on Lost

What’s perhaps the best thing about the Detroit rapper’s latest effort is that you can’t compare it with anything that’s been done before. Brown is in his own lane. ‘Danny Brown’ is a genre of its own and here’s hoping that it stays that way.

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