Beanstock - Paul Shaffer ft Keet Kolbang

When you think of Hip-Hop in Boston your mind immediately jumps to Guru. As one half of Gang Starr along with the legendary DJ Premier not many were able to rise to the challenge to claim the throne away from the duo in the nineties. After Guru's sad passing few were able to step up to the plate, often overshadowed by their big brother New York but one group are making a name for themselves in an attempt to cement Boston in Hip-Hop history.

Beanstock, with their own label hailing from the Dorchester area are here with their latest effort, Paul Shaffer. With a nod towards David Letterman's former musical director the stripped back track provides something a little different that puts them a step above the rest.

The elastic bass line gives the track great depth with the underlying drums provided by Jet Black Assasin provides something refreshing which has been missing in Hip-Hop for a while now.

Featuring Keet Kolbang who provides his early Pharrell-like flow the track compliments both artists well allowing them to play to their lyrical strengths.

Check out the track above and make sure to follow @djayspriggs for the latest Beanstock news.
Beanstock - Paul Shaffer ft Keet Kolbang Beanstock - Paul Shaffer ft Keet Kolbang Reviewed by Anonymous on 9:38:00 PM Rating: 5
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