Why HipHop Doesn't Talk To You About Your Love Life Or So It Seems

  The simplest and straightforward answer you might get for asking anybody this somewhat eccentric question borders around this line. Love in HipHop only happens in movies (Yes,I googled it) and when you do try to mix the two together in your music, it just makes you "soft". But if you want a more elaborate answer, in my opinion, stick around while we brood over the matter.

 In the words of Davey D who speaking about the origins of HipHop said, "Keep in mind when brothas start flexing the verbal skillz, it always reflects what's going on politically, socially and economically".
In other words, HipHop is the voice of the common man living in today's society.

 Historic aficionados of HipHop do not endorse your music when you lay your emotional feelings squarely on the table because in reality it is not a reflection of what today's society is to them.
But, as I stated in the article preceding this, HipHop is an Art and there are no limits to its forms of expression and ain't nothing more expressive than love.
The question is how you do it and get away with it.

 J. COLE expresses HipHop in this form and is today a major success story in the HipHop community using the key ingredient of HipHop Music, Metaphorical Wordplay, which most rappers today are guilty of discarding.

In his song "Wet Dreams" J. COLE relates the classic experience of him as a teenager losing his virginity.
The creativity in the telling of the story which extended to the video using dogs as actors to portray the young and innocent lovers was like a breath of fresh air.
Wordplay is unarguably the juice in HipHop.
It gives your lyrics deeper meaning and each Man seeks his own understanding by reading between the punchlines. (Pun intended) Take Wordplay away and the creative mystery of HipHop is gone.
In conclusion, you'll agree with me, there are rappers and there are emcees and the singular factor wordplay is what makes one outclass the other.
So the next time you write your songs,
don't forget your bars on MySpace.

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