The Game - 92 Bars (Meek Mill Diss)

Can't we all just get along?

Game woke up this morning and thought to himself... Who can I start a beef with? After throwing darts at a few names -- Meek Mill was the unfortunate one. 

Last night (Step. 15) at club Story in Miami was where the whole thing started. "I just wanna beat that nigga’s ass one good time,” he told the crowd. “When you see me nigga, square up. It ain’t gotta be about no guns. Fuck Meek Mill.”

While the hip hop community was still trying to piece together what brought about the outburst, the Compton rapper quickly followed it up with a diss track titled 92 Bars. On the song, Game accuses Meek Mill of snitching on him, "ever since that n*gga snitched on me we just don’t speak
See that shit you got with Drake is like a slow leak"

Meek Mill has responded via his Instagram

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