Reek The Ruler - Bringin It Baxk

When you think of Atlanta you think of Hip-Hop's finest which is why so many upcoming artists are bursting into our eardrums and hailing from the South. Reek The Ruler shares these typical Atlanta qualities with his own spin thanks to his down-to-Earth style and captivating hooks and his latest effort 'Bringin It Baxk' showcases all this.

Straight from the off the track explodes into life courtesy of Mercy's thumping bass and trap infused production skills. You are drawn in by the crashing cymbals, staggered synths and punching drums which provide the heavy bed that Reek is known effortlessly flowing over.

Reminiscent of an early Gucci Mane, Reek's flow combined with the infectious chorus will leave fans hungry for what else the Atlanta rapper has in store.

Make sure to check out the track below and keep up to date on Twitter @ReekTheRuler as well as @YoungMercyBeatz

Reek The Ruler - Bringin It Baxk Reek The Ruler - Bringin It Baxk Reviewed by Anonymous on 4:03:00 PM Rating: 5
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