HipHop Hurray!!! A Brief Moment of Nostalgia

Growing up I never liked music much. Pops listened to generally all genres of music from Country, Reggae, RnB and the occasional Blues, even the traditional African sound. I'd watch dumbfounded as he played music and crooned along to the slow songs. He did this especially during home cleaning for he is a very fastidious Man. Soon I couldn't take it any longer and hoped he'd stop, like literally, but he loves music and there was no stopping him. The best I could do was put myself to sleep.
Don't look at me weird, it just didn't vibe with me. I was a kid and songs about whooshy-whoosy stuff just didn't relate with me. I grew up in the 90's and we didn't have the Internet then so I had no choice.
Fast forward a couple of years later, I remember getting myself a disc man. I started exploring the collection of music my Dad had kept over the years, it was at this point I stumbled upon the RnB crooner Marc Anthony and the John Legend Evolver Album. It was also at this point I met my first love. You could say I sang my throat out. I was young and naive and quick to see the good in all. Finally words could explain what the butterflies were doing in my belly.

I'd hate to disappoint you but
there is no "forever ever after" in this love story.
Life always has a way of happening.
Love songs suddenly became constant reminders and they made me sick in my guts. The butterflies must have died i guess. To save my sanity I had to do away with them, I must have felt lost cause music now meant nothing to me.
Playing out of our Boombox radio in the year 2009 one very chill evening, was a new sound.
"🎵I want the Money, Money and the Hoes, Cars and the Clothes .....  I just wanna be, I just wanna be successful ..."
You see, I had dreams, big dreams of being well, successful .... like who doesn't? You could see why this song by whom I'd later come to know as Drake and Trey Songz caught up with me. It very well became my song.

I had to explore more of this sound and I stumbled upon Aston Martin Music by Rick Ross featuring same old Drake and Chrisette Michelle. A song that has been with me ever since. Nobody had to tell me it was HipHop. The vibes it gave me lived in me ever since. It was the creativity and originality in the music that makes the hunger for more insatiable so I went back to the roots.
I discovered in our sound there are no rules, what stands you out is how creative you can be. There are no limits.
HipHop is Art. HipHop is Expressive. HipHop is TRUTH.


How did you find your Love for HipHop?
Share your moments with us in the comments below.

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