Young Buck Sentenced To 7 Months In Prison

There's just something about Young Buck and prisons. The G-Unit rapper has been sentenced to seven months behind bars for violating his 2012 probation.

Buck violated his probation last month when he allegedly tried to burn down his ex-girlfriend's apartment and for also trying to contact her after he was warned not to. He was arrested for breaking into her home but was released a few hours later on a $5K bond.

50 Cent, Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks have also reacted to the arrest...

"Damn the boy Buck gotta do some time. They are gonna keep him today. Smh he will be alright," 50 Cent captioned an Instagram photo of Buck." - 50 Cent.

"Setback for a major comeback," Lloyd Banks predicted. "hold your head brother and push that pen! Got you G! @buckshotz." - Lloyd Banks.

"Free @buckshotz hold your head big bro," Tony Yayo wrote. "The system is a trap and we the targets. We all make mistakes bro but we got families to feed. Your freedom is everything bro we need you out here." - Tony Yayo


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