Bow Wow Retires From Rap

Bow Wow's rap career died several years ago but the "Like Mike" rapper finally made it official today (Aug. 7th). Bow Wow has struggled to meet up with the high standards he set for himself when he first came in the game back in 2000. Majority of his original fan base are grown and are over his music while these new kids are lusting over people like Justin Bieber and One Direction... it's hard out here. With a little over 20 years in the industry (seemed like forever) it was obvious he had already hit his peak and was never going to reach those lofty heights again.

Towards the latter half of his career, the rapper formerly known as Lil Bow Wow found it hard to stay relevant in a now trap obssesed industry. He tried everything in the book, from name change (Shad Moss), to signing a record deal that stunk of despiration with Cash Money. He then signed a new failed deal with Bad Boy records while also trying his hands out on a few hosting gigs, including BET's now scrapped 106 & Park. All as an attempt to stay in the mix.

When all the above failed, He decided to team back up with Jermaine Dupri to see if they can create some of the earlier magic that made him really popular back in the early 2000's but that doesn't seem to be going well either, as JD's career is also on life support.

Bow wow who is currently on a tour of Australia announced his retirement on twitrer shortly after performing on one of his stops.

Before officially calling it quits with rap, he plans on releasing one last album which according to him would be executive produced by Snoop Dogg - One of the first persons to put him on in the beginning.

Bow has struggled to make a lasting impression in recent times and his comments about not voting because he's "mixed" really didn't help his situation much.

Like everybody else... I have also trolled Bow Wow (who hasn't?), but you can't dispute the talents he had early on. I bumped his debut album "Beware Of Dog" and I still play "Fresh Azimiz" every now and then. Lil Bow Wow fell off hard but it's a little expected when you pretty much started rapping at the age of 8 - kinda hard to keep the momentum and hunger going.

Quick question... Is Bow Wow a rap legend? And will rap miss him? 
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