Milli Shades M.I. With "Unlooking" Uncensored

If you remember early last year we broke the news of Milli signing to Chocolate City Music alongside kocker. Milli went on to appear on the revamped label's. Compilation album TICBN, he also claims to have written some of the tracks on M.I's "Chairman" album which was released back in 2014. It was all looking good for him or at least that's how it seemed. Months back unconfirmed stories of Milli leaving the label was making the rounds but was later denied by label boss, M.I. Just a few days ago the news was officially confirmed by Milli's new home "Up Next Universe" through a press release announcing his exit from the label.

Read some excerpt from the press release sent to us via email.
"Milli is now signed to UP NEXT UNIVERSE, a new imprint he co-owns with NIMBLE - Milli’s new management and the investors behind the project. Following a straight-forward buy-out agreement between Choc City and NIMBLE, all rights to Milli’s catalog have been transferred to UP NEXT UNIVERSE."

"Music industry observers noticed that Milli was the only artist on Chocolate City not to announce any project on the label for 2016, and he was also conspicuously absent in M.I’s “Everything” music video, which featured the entire Chocolate City family. Rumours over his exit from the label had been circulating since January, which were initially refuted by label boss M.I, but finally laid to rest at the beginning of May when Chocolate City announced that label and artist parted ways “amicably”. Neither Chocolate City nor Milli have officially stated the reasons for the split, but internal sources on both sides have cited "creative differences” over Milli’s sound direction."

Instead of crying over the failed deal, the light skinned rapper has gone straight to work under the new label and has released a trailer for his Unlooking video which will drop real soon. Thats not all, Milli just released a new and much fresher version of his Unlooking track which was his first official debut under CC (Chocolate City). The track has been updated with him replacing all the pidgin raps (except for the hook) with English. Milli making a remake and changing the sound of the song just screams he wasn't really feeling the original direction of the track and that it probably wasn't what he wanted. Though the producers of the track still remains CC's Ckay and Reinhard the song doesn't sound like something CC would approve. On the song Milli sends some shade at M.I. and Chocolate City, “Teach me how to get this fucking wealth, But don’t teach me how to be somebody else. Don’t tell me how to write a fucking verse men."

This whole Milli and Chocolate City situation got me pondering... Does M.I. really tell his rappers how to write a verse? Did he actually tell Milli not to rap in English? Did he also try to make him commercial aka dumbdown his music? If All these turns out to be true then "Mr incredible" who the lot of y'all claim is Nigeria's rap king is not so credible after all. This whole thing just screams puppet (Illuminati ish) selling your soul for a few buck. Kanye doesn't tell Pusha T how to sound on a song, neither does Jay tell Cole. You signed him for a reason so why not stick with that reason? trying to make him something he isn't all just in the name of "blow" seems a bit silly to me.

I don't know the direction Milli is heading with his music but If he plans on staying true to his rap roots then we fully support him no matter how little our support is.

Sidebar: was this the real reason Jesse jagz left chocolate city the first time? Where they trying to stifle his sound? Also how come the label which was once touted as a hip hop imprint has struggled to unleash several dope rappers out in the industry. Makes you ponder doesn't it..

Listen to the updated version of unlooking below and let us know what you think. I personally like this version better.

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