Chris Brown Sued For Beating His Manager... Allegedly!!

Chris Brown is in the news again and for the wrong reasons... Again. The man he hired to improve his image after the Rihanna situation (which am sure you remember clearly) is now suing Chris for allegedly beating him up.

Mike G, also known as Chris Brown's manager and now known as the guy who got beating by Chris Brown, claims he was hired in 2012 to change the negative perspection people have of Chris and also to get him out of debt and off drugs. Mike G says he did well by Chris, who is now loved by the public.

According to Mike, their relationship turned bad last month when Chris Brown took him in a room and brutally attacked him with repeated punches to the face and neck - which landed him in the ER.

Instead of being remorseful about it, according to the lawsuit, Brown went on social media to mock and brag about beating mike G to friends. The cause of his rage? Mike claims it was sparked by his drug obsession.

Patty Glazer (Mike G's lawyer) tells TMZ that they did everything they could to resolve the issue in a nonpublic way to avoid damaging Chris' name any further but Chris was non-compliant.

Chris Brown has since responded to the lawsuit, claiming it's all bull and that he fired Mike G for stealing money from him. Mike's lawyer says there's no truth in Chris' comments and that they'd be adding defamation claim to the lawsuit.

A video posted by 1 (@chrisbrownofficial) on

A video posted by 1 (@chrisbrownofficial) on

Chris Brown has anger issues and it's well known. Won't be surprised if this ends up being true. My opinion.. Don't go to court, pay up. Save yourself the trouble.


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