Video: Rick Ross - Peace Sign

Ross' hunger and ability to make good (street) music fell off drastically when his sound moved away from that Hustlin flow to his new more luxurious style of popping champagnes and flying private jets. But thats a talk for another day (maybe never).

On his new video for Peace Sign Ross continues his presidential lifestyle of counting cash and hanging out with exotic women while popping bottles of Belaire Rose. All of his videos seem a bit Cliché to me these days and in truth... It's getting really boring. You can't tell me his recent music gets you all hyped like his early releases. He needs to stop trying to be Diddy and return to what made him a fan favorite before he truly loses the fans.

The song is taken from his 8th studio LP Black Market which as you know isn't doing too well commercially. This is not a "hater" post so save it. If you got problems hit me up on @kingnel

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