KRS-One Disses MC Shan On "Still Hugging A Nut"

Hip hop historians will remember Krs and shan had that famous beef back in the 80s due to some misunderstanding about the true birthplace of hip hop.

For those of you new to it. The beef started back in 1985 when Mc Shan and his Juice Crew recorded a song titled The Bridge.  On the song Shan rapped "You love to hear the story, again and again, of how it all got started way back when the monument is right in your face, sit and listen for a while to the name of the place, The Bridge, Queensbridge." Krs and Boogie Down productions thought Shan was saying hip hop started in Queensbridge when they were actually just talking about their home. The song never actually mentions the birth place of hip hop. Krs and BDP responded to the claims with a similar song called "South Bronx." which was clearly aimed at MC Shan and Marley Marl. After that they went on taking several shots at each other on songs like Kill That Noise and The Bridge Is Over.

Who won the beef? Krs of course but Shan's people will say otherwise. The beef was allegedly squashed and everything was all good again. The two were even spotted in an interview together laughing and making jokes. Everything was great or so it seemed.

Some 30 years after the original beef started it turns out Krs and his long time adversary MC Shan still got unresolved issues. During a recent episode of the Murder Master show Shan called in and delivered a 3 minute diss aimed at Krs-One.

Not one to waste time, Krs has replied with a full diss track called Still Huggin A Nut. It looks like the feud is back on but I don't think anybody wants to see this two old dudes battle. Give me that Troy Ave vs Joey Bada$$ feud any day.

  "I killed Shan already, this must be his ghost."

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