Ciara Sues Future For $15 Million

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The negative energy between Future and his ex Ciara just went up a notch. The singer is suing him for allegedly trying to ruin her career with his continuous lies of her being a bad mother.

According to an exclusive posted on Ciara is suing Future for the several false defamatory statements he has made about her and her relationship with NFL star Russell Wilson to the press. She's accusing him of lying about her publicly in order to increase interest for his upcoming projects and also for purposely trying to destroy her reputation as a good mother and to diminish are brand.

She mentions several interviews Future has held in the past including the HuffpostLve interview in which he talks about not waiting till marriage before having sexual relations with her. She claims he only mentioned that because Russell Wilson talks about waiting till they're married before having anything sexual with her. She's also not happy about his twitter rant in January in which he says she doesn't let him see baby Future despite paying 15k every month.

Ciara claims the tweets are all false and that the rapper has never paid 15k monthly in child support. She claims she has gone out of her way several times to let Future see his son and that since December 2014 Future has seen his son at least 19 different times, some spanning for several days.

Ciara says Future is trying to destroy her name and reputation which could result to her never getting work again as an artist. She's suing him for $15 million and she also wants him prohibited from speaking about her and her son in the future.

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