Jay Z Sued For $18 Million By Perfume Company

(C-H NEWS) 90% of the time Jay Z wins whatever lawsuit that's been thrown at him. Sometimes the case never sees the light of day. Either he has some pretty good lawyers or the Illuminati talk is real (I'm going to go with the former). He's lawyers better be ready to earn their paychecks again as he has been slapped with a new suit.

According to TMZ, Cologne company Parlux Fragrances is suing Jay for $18 million for failing to meet up with their deal. The company says they had a licensing agreement with Jay to use his name and image to launch a new fragrance "Gold Jay Z" in 2013. You ever heard of it? Me neither.

In the agreement Parlux claims Hov was supposed to promote the new fragrance on social media and also do promotional appearances but he declined. The company says he refused to appear on Good Morning America at Macy's and in women's wear daily to pump up the scent.

Parlux claims He also skipped out on mettings to promote additional lines of the fragrance he helped develop which resulted to the new colognes never being released.

Due to Jay Z's star-power Parlux expected to haul in about $50 million over 2 years but due to his failures to meet up with their agreement they ended up losing money and stores are returning the unsold inventory.

I bet 50 bucks that we never hear about this again.

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