J. Cole is Married

Sorry ladies but Jermaine is officially a married man. He did well to hide the secret for this long but Creed director Ryan Coolger unconsciously spilled the beans. During his interview with Cole on #MLKNOW yesterday (MLKDay) Coogler asked Cole how did getting married change him which instantly brought about a shock reaction from Cole due to the fact that nobody knew about it.

Coogler asked "nobody knows?" to which Cole replied "They know now." Awkward.

Rumors of Cole being engaged to his longtime girlfriend Melissa Heholt was floating around a while back but the stories were never confirmed... Well, at least till now.

You gotta be some sort of ninja to be able to shield things like this from the media. Well done Cole and congratulations.

Watch the entire #MLKNOW event here. Fast forward to the 228 mark for the Cole interview if that's what you want.
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