B.O.B Ft. Neil Tyson - Flatline

B.O.B is a flat earther and there's nothing and I mean nothing you can do to change his mind. For the last two days the No Genre rapper has been going on about conspiracy theories. He claims that NASA and every other space agency has been hiding the truth from us concerning the real shape of the earth. At some point it got so embarrassing that popular american astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson had to educate him on the topic but llike a spoilt girlfriend, B.O.B wasn't having it. Instead he dug up more "facts" from the internet to back up his claims.

As if tweeting wasn't enough he has gone ahead to record a song called Flat line. On the song he raps about more conspiracies. He even included a Neil Tyson lecture at the end to back it up.

At first I thought he was trolling but he says he isn't. Whoelse believes the earth is flat? Talk to us below.

There's so many of this. Head over to timeline to read it all, it's quite entertaining.

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