KOTD: The Saurus Vs Charron (Rap Battle)

New battle from King Of The Dot's Black Out 4 event. Who got bodied?

Quickly becoming one of the most prominent figures in battle rap, Charron has earned his spot and then some. Over the course of his more than 4 years career, the Ottawa, ON emcee has had to overcome more obstacles that is normal for a battle rapper. From being discounted due to his age, to being overlooked in BET due to his race, Charron has become the poster boy for determination, never giving up and instead powering though the adversity to become one of the fastest rising hip hop artists in Canada. Coming down from a spree of recent battles including matchups with Arsonal, DNA, and Unanymous, Charron is still climbing his way to the top and showing no signs of slowing. Back in Toronto to show out in front of his fans in Toronto, the veteran battle emcee takes on The Saurus as his next challenge.
One of the most legendary and influential individuals in the scene today, The Saurus has accomplished more in battling than just about anybody. The West Coast veteran has been battling in one format or another for over a decade, dominating no matter what the context of the competition. From his humble beginnings in smaller freestyle tournaments to being involved with the biggest battle rap events in the world, Saurus hasn't missed a step along his journey in battling. Back to back World Rap Championships, two time winner of Scribble Jam, and a former King of the Dot Champion, The Saurus has proven that there is no format he can't succeed in. A fan favorite in KOTD, Saurus returns to Canada to take on a fellow heavy hitter, Charron, in this next release from Blackout 4.

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